How to Make BorrowMe Your Side Hustle

These days the consumption habits of people have greatly changed. There are now many ways they can make money using their underutilized belongings. With the increase in living standards, most people are looking for side hustles that will help them cover all their bills. Companies such as Uber and Airbnb have enabled their members to earn extra money from assets that they own.

Due to the increase in the cost of items and services, most people have been seeking other income-earning ventures away from their regular jobs. COVID 19 also brought about a lot of changes, and ever since it started, many people have lost their jobs. Most people, therefore, are desperate to make extra money in any way possible. In some situations, people have turned these methods into their primary jobs.

How to Turn BorrowMe into your side-hustle

If you are looking for a side hustle that does not require initial capital, is the way to go. Unlike some businesses, which require one to use their savings or take a loan to serve as initial startup funds, at, it is absolutely free to start with no money at all. Our website allows you to borrow, rent, buy and sell items that are underused.

There is no limit to what you can rent out or borrow on BorrowMe. If you have any items of clothing that you no longer find attractive, you can rent them out to people. In case you have tools you don’t use anymore, take nice pictures of them and list them on BorrowMe. Similarly, if there is gym equipment in your garage, you can find someone who rather rent it then pay for a new gear. You can also rent or borrow board games, toys, cameras, sports equipment, electronics, and home appliance among other things.

The hiring and lending process

The hiring and lending process at BorrowMe is straightforward. If you want to rent items out, check around the garage as well as your house for things that are lying idle. Who knows? Maybe you have a lot of things that could make you money, but have never thought about them that way. After you have found an item to rent out, take a clear picture of it and post the pic on your profile with a description of all the item’s qualities. Respond quickly and be courteous to your borrowers so that they can will you an excellent rating.

If you are renting, search for the item that you are interested in. After you have found several options, compare the prices and location of the lenders and read the description to find out more about the item. Before settling on a lender, look at their reviews to know whether they are reliable.

With this information, you are now ready to post items on and make some extra cash. How cool is that!