Five Tips on How to Perfect Your Profile

Are you wondering how to enhance your profile to make it more attractive and increase your rental requests? This blog will help you create an excellent profile.

1. Add a profile picture

People with profile pictures are likely to appear more trustworthy than those without them. Building trust among renters will increase your number of rental requests. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a clear and decent picture on your profile.

2. Avoid canceling requests

If nothing urgent necessitates that you cancel a request, avoid doing so. Canceling requests will make you seem unreliable to other users.

3. Work for a good rating

Your star rating will appear on your profile where all BorrowMe users can see it. To attain a good star rating, you must be nice, kind, and genuine while interacting with other users. Make sure that you are punctual when meeting with people and make sure that your items are in good condition. By maintaining these standards, users will have no reason not to give you a 5-star rating. A good rating will help you in the long run by increasing trustworthiness and thus attracting more users to your profile.

4. Review other people

Once a person conducts a transaction with you, make sure you provide a review of their profile and also request that they provide a review for yours. This will significantly improve your profile appearance and present you as a friendly person to interact with, consequently increasing your ability to lend and rent.

5. List many items

The more items you have on your profile, the more rental or purchase requests you are likely to receive. This is because different people want different items, and if you have a variety, there will be something for everyone. Additionally, if you have items that are used together, consider listing them together. For example, if you have party items that you want to rent out, make sure you list them all since it is easier for someone to rent a whole set at one time than in pieces.