Have you ever owned an item that you use only a few times per year?

Do you own an item that is just occupying space?


Do you need an item for one-time use and don't want to buy it?

Has this situation ever caused you to spend money you didn't want or need to spend at the time?

BorrowMe Is here for you!

BorrowMe is an online item borrowing and lending platform that creates a sharing economy for underused items. It allows both item borrowers and lenders to rent/lend stuff online, make passive income, save cash, save the Earth, and build a community of likeminded people.

Share and monetize your unused possessions or acquire the tools you need to complete a task while protecting our beautiful environment!

BorrowMe solves everyone's lending and renting needs.

Don't be left behind.

Benefits the Earth?


The Earth is full of abundant, rarely used products because more things are produced than needed. The production and consumption of these items cause 1/8 of all the Earth's CO2 emissions.

Be a part of something big.

Optimize your use of items by sharing them, making money, solving tasks, connecting and building a community, and, of course, saving the Earth.

One platform to make everyone happy!

Let's join hands together to make the world a better place with BorrowMe.